Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Cultural Learnings of the Great Republic of Sweden

Parental Advisory: you must be 18 or over to read this.

Yeah, so, about my friend from the boat, let's call him Manuel. So Manuel and I started chatting nicely, being from the same part of the world and all. And obviously I got to ask him what he was doing around here. So Manuel explained he was on a Fish & F**k trip. The principle is simple... At this stage half the boat was already in shock and little kids started crying. But we went on merely for another half hour, him spilling the details out, me nodding obviously in complete understanding of the reasonable ethics behind his trip. Thank God we weren't crossing the Atlantic.

Partying in Sweden: as many of my male friends have already asked themselves the question many times: does Sweden live up to its reputation? Well, if you can move your arms and feet at a rate faster than, let's say, 100 times per second, in complete random directions, then you should do great here. However, for the mere mortals like the rest of us, more practice will be necessary. Having said that I can confirm two very important points:
- very friendly (and helpful) people
- beautiful girls


Carine said...

and tall (I was feeling so small in the tunnelbana when I was there) and drinking like mad the Friday and Saturday nights.

Anonymous said...

My non-mechanically minded opinion about your headlight/radio/non-starting issue is that your alternator is probably going to die. DOOOM.. lol

Anonymous said...

jacko is not admitting to having experience of the Swedish ladies then? His Swedish club skills should be relatively good after seeing him in action in Stockholm in Aug 2007! Papey

Anonymous said...

Bonjour, sur les photos on peut voir que vous êtes de véritables stars.... vous allez devenir des professionels de mécaniques auto, vous pourrez toujours ouvrir un garage à votre retour. Un conseil, ne regardez pas trop les filles mais concentrez-vous sur la route!!!! et aussi sur le paysage !!!
Nous allons faire de véritables progrès en anglais, avec beaucoup de concentrations, j'arrive à comprendre vos commentaires, à la fin de votre voyage, je serais une pro, et nous pourrons venir à Londres.

Je vous embrasse bien fort et continuez à vous amuser et à faire de superbes rencontres.

Nathalie (cousine m'en fout!!!)