Sunday, 27 July 2008

Helsinki Again

Today, Paul and I went shopping! Not for food, no no, we've got 6 weeks worth of dried food in the back of the car awaiting 127 gallons of water to transform itself into a gigantic porridge. No, we were in the tool section obviously, looking like two mad men in search of an Allen key of size 7. This is because this morning, as we were preparing ourselves to drive to the Russian border, we discovered that the UJ joint of the drive shaft was destroyed (for my Mom: car dead). 7 being a non-standard size, we didn't find any. However there was a wide range of axes available. Being in Finland and all, buying an axe is part of your monthly shopping list. Paul must have seen the look in my eyes as he quickly dragged me to the Lego section trying to evoke happy chlidhood memories of when I was building crap rather than trying to destroy it.

That said Helsinki is a good place to be stuck in. Interesting city to have a look around and there is a very good nightlife. We went to the "Cuba!" club yesterday. It's a bit like watching a fashion show, only without the photographers and the designer clothes. Absolutely amazing. And I thought London was the place to go party... No, no, no, it is right here, in between 2 pine forests and a transfer box.

Genie mecanique: les croisillons de l'axe de transmission entre la boite de transfer et la boite de vitesse sont morts. On se fait envoyer la piece d'Angleterre. Cela necessite d'enlever la boite de transfer donc on va encore bien se marrer :-)


les parents said...

wahou, ça devient chaud votre histoire ...
le moral est il bon ?

a said...

Sounds a great adventure! just stay happy mechanics. The car can always be fixed. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Bonne réparation les garçons, si au retour de votre aventure vous ne savez pas quoi faire, j'ai tout le matériel pour ouvrir un garage de mécanique et j'aurais aussi besoin de 2 super mécanos.
Soyez prudent.
Jean-Luc, Françoise, Plume.

the english parents said...

Well done the pair of you.It's good that you've still got your sense of humour despite all your problems. We have entered you both for Scrap Heap Challenge as you seem to have had all the practice already.
Love Mum and Dad x

Anonymous said...

Ced.. LMAO @ getting redirected to the lego isle. Bloody funny. You better be thinking up your next adventure because I'll miss this blog when its all over - you two are a right comedy double act.