Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Hope: The Vengeance

Back to the Lego section then for some more childhood therapy as the parcel will not arrive today but tomorrow thanks to UPS. Great website guys, you can pay for something that doesn't exist... One more day in Helsinki, it could be worse but the time pressure is on and we're starting to feel a little bit worried and broke.

Paul recomputed all possible routes accross Russia this morning, as a wake up exercise. It took him 5 mins 34 sec which is faster than Big Blue. We're going to have to give Saint Petersburg a miss, but it is not so bad as it can be visited rather easily during a weekend break.

Another BIG BIG thanks to Paul & Steve at Polden Autos, Ferndown, who stayed up late yesterday to wait for the little UPS man. He will turn up... today.

Activities for today: beach and modern art museum.
Stay tuned, I've got the feeling this is not going to stop here.


Anonymous said...

Salut C├ędric,

Effectivement, que d'anecdotes en qq jours....

Je te souhaite bon courage, bonne chance et bonne route!!


a said...

Bumble Bee was flying over the alpes! The Suzuki will soon wake up and fly through Russia! best of luck!

Cedric said...

Mr Soppera! We lost 4 days... Which means we will have to make up for the lost time :-) Wououhouu