Sunday, 20 July 2008

Camping gear first test

Day 2 Nysted - 575 miles

Mainly motorways today. We took heavy rain as we arrived to the camping site but it cleared off quickly. This is our first night of camping so all the gear gets tested:
- 2 seconds tents check: it really works and was one of our most appreciated piece of equipment of our journey. While other teams took up to 30 minutes to get ready (not good under rain or in a sand storm) we are done in 4 minutes. Merci Jean-Luc & Francoise!
- Trangia stove check: another great piece of equipment. Boils 1L of water in 3 minutes at sea level (we found out that it takes much longer at 2500m). We used it nearly every day. It is also very economical in terms of fuel as we didn't use much more than one liter of paraffin for the entire trip.
- Dried food check: good but you need to get the amount of water right. Some bits didn't get re-hydrated too well either. All in all we preferred the "food in a bag" type which only needs heating. Having said that the dried food is light and propose a greater variety of meals so not a bad buy all in all. We also tried the NASA frozen ice cream. I do not want to be an astronaut anymore.
- Thermarest mattresses check: smaller and more comfy than a carrymat, the Thermarest also isolate you from the ground which means warmer nights. This got very useful in Mongolia where the nights were really cold (i.e. forced to sleep with full on thermal underwears and polar vests).

We also had a bottle of french wine which made us both experts in any socio-econo-political subjects for the night.

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