Sunday, 20 July 2008

The journey in pictures

Day 1 Harwich - 108 miles

Over the coming days I'm going to try to retrace our journey with some pictures. We took a lot so there will also be a separate web album.

First, obviously, is the departure. Lots of emotions went through our minds as we were heading for the unknown:
"6 weeks off, a complete break from the life I know. Why don't I just go to the beach like everyone else?"
"Do they sell Nutella in Mongolia?"
"Will my mankini look good on pictures?"

You get the idea.

Day 1 was all about getting to the ferry in Harwich (not far from Ipswich!). And obviously I forgot to turn the lights off on the car park in front of my flat... So the battery went flat. As we were pushing the car to bump start it people asked us where we were going. You should have seen the look on their face when we said "Mongolia". With hindsight they were right too...

Jacqui: this first picture is for you. Paul heart was clearly sad to go away for 6 weeks.

Happy like 2 hippos as the radiator of a BMW in the queue blew up in a big bang. It feels good to have a clean reliable car...

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