Monday, 8 September 2008


A final few words and pictures for everyone who has supported us along our 10,124 mile journey from London to Ulaanbaatar.

Both Cedric and I were touched, encouraged amd extremely grateful for the level of interest and support that we receieved by everyone reading this website over all the 41 days we were travelling. In terms of sponsorship and in addition to the fantastic equipment donations that made our journey possible we have raised in excess of 1800 Great British Pounds for the two nominated charities, thanks so much to everyone who kindly donated. This is also in addition to any money raised by the sale of E'wn in Ulaanbaatar (which I can't imagine will be much given the state of him!). As we have mentioned before the trip provided us with an experience and an adventure much greater than we could have ever hoped or imagined, one we will take much more away from than just the ability to fix a fuel pump in the middle of a desert!

A couple of photos from the finish line to finish on although there will undoubtably be more info and details to follow in the next weeks!

Cedric, Rick, Oli and Paul at the Finish Line. Enormous thanks to Rick and Oli who we would without doubt have finished the rally some 500 miles short of the finish.

Cedric annoyed that the Finish Line Champagne is an Unidentifed Russian brand rather than his normal Veuve Cliquot.

Paul unable to wait any longer for a shower, so decided to use the aforementioned Russian Champagne instead of water.


the english parents said...

Pity you've shaved off the beards
we think they quite suited you both.Still you can always grow another !!!!

Anonymous said...

You bearded wonders!

Cedric said...

That's the thing with beards isn't it: if you don't shave they grow.

Anonymous said...

ho la la les têtes fatiguées !!!
Un grand merci aux deux garçons qui vous ont soutenus et aidés à vous sortir de la grosse galère que vous étiez en train de vivre. Je crois que vous allez vous souvenir d'eux longtemps.
Vous avez du apprécié ce champagne (même russe)
Bravo pour la somme recueillie qui va peut -être permettre à quelques enfants d'être plus heureux.
Les parents