Sunday, 1 June 2008

Sponsorship Drive Launched

Progress getting ready for the trip has been steady. Passports are somewhere between the Mongolian and Russian embassies trying to get the relevant stamps, camping equipment has been acquired and we are thinking about how we are going to get back to the UK.

Most importantly we have launched our sponsorship drive, attempting to raise at least £1000 for two very worthy and relevant causes - Mercy Corps Mongolia and Hope and Homes for Children, more details on both of these charities can be seen on the main page.

We would very much welcome any kind of sponsorship, obviously donations but also any people or organisations who would like to take advantage of the bodywork of our vehicle for some advertising. It is very likely that the rally will obtain significant press coverage and indeed the rally has already featured on the BBC and in national newspapers, footage of last years rally was made into a documentary shown on Channel 4. Please contact either myself on for more information.

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