Friday, 11 July 2008


As depature date approaches I'm coming across more and more information about our destination that both intruiges and scares the life out of me. Here are some interesting facts about Mongolia that I certainly didn't know:

- Half the 2.6m population live in tents.
- It is the 4th most sparsely popualted country in the world with 3.9 people per square mile this compares to London at 12,335 people per square mile.
- Livestock outnumber humans 8:1
- Literacy is at 98%, UK literacy rate is 99%.
- In 2005 Donald Rumsfeld was given a horse as a present on a visit, he apparently left it behind ...what a shame it wasn't the other way round.
- The capital city is Ulan Batar, or Ulan Bator, or Ulan Baatar or Ulaan Baatar, or Ulaanbaatar??
- There is 1,581km of paved road in the entire country. We will be covering nearly 2000km within Mongolia.
- Gerbils are considered wild animals and infact the common pet Gerbil originated in Mongolia. They became so numerous there that the Mongolian people could no longer sleep at night because the gerbils were constantly running on their squeaky little exercise wheels (
- The most popualar local drink is "Airag" or fermented Horse Milk.


Rika said...

Well, this is not about you personally; However the Mongol Rally is already observed from the Asian side of the world.

If you send a comment: Then it will be about YOU!

Thought I'd let you know :o)
PS: and could you please try and come back in one piece?

Carine said...

As usual C├ędric your holidays are original and breathtaking for sure ;)
I hope everything will go fine with Ew'n for this long trip, specially when you are in some unpopulated areas.
Good luck for both of you. I will follow your trip on your blog.