Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Disaster Averted!

Phew! What we thought might be a broken front differential, knackered Transfer Box and screwed prop shafts has turned out to be nothing of the sort and E'wn is now fully functional and vibrationless ...well almost!

After a visit to a garage and many calls to two very friendly guys in Ferndown, Dorset (Paul and Steve from Polden Autos - thanks for all your help and advice) we found the problem to be a leaking radiator hose (not an oil leak), a mis-aligned prop shaft and a loose bolt on the Transfer Box. All these combined to give us the scare on Sunday but a test drive this morning after fixing all the mentioned items filled us with renewed confidence in E'wns ability to get through the miles ahead and provided us with futher familiarity of his underbelly.

Therefore mechanically at least we think E'wn is ready for the trip, he might not be the best looking jeep in the car park - but that is to be solved tomorrow when he is booked in for a full makeover - photos will be added in due course!

1 comment:

Rika said...

You should buy another crap pile for these two mechanics and make them join you. Guess that would enhance your chances of survival around a 1000%

Ahhh, just kidding... you'll be fine, wait until Adrenaline really kicks in!

All the best to you guys. Thanks to that column of the Asian guy I have a good reason to link you again today.

Big hug to both of you