Monday, 28 July 2008

Hope Returns

Our fate is now firmly in the hands of a brown and gold clad delivery service called UPS. Today we removed the troublesome drive shaft that seems to have disintegrated over the previous 2,500 miles and have made arrangement to get a new shiny one delivered out to us here in Helsinki. Many thanks to Paul and colleagues at Polden Autos, Ferndown, Dorset once again for coming to our rescue and locating a new shaft for us, without this the rally for us would be completely over.

All we now need is UPS to get the thing out here to us, which hopefully will be by tomorrow noon, collect the bits scattered around the hotel's car park and put the underside of E'wn back together... what's the bet we will have a single nut and washer left over!

Right, time for some sightseeing!


Anonymous said...

Bonsoir Cédric et Paul. Nous pensons que Saint UPS existe réellement, et qu'il peut apporter de petits cadeaux (style arbre de transmission) aux gentils petits aventuriers, à condition bien sur qu'ils soient restés bien sages même la nuit face aux splendides créatures féminines d'Helsinki. Plus sérieusement, bon courage à tous les deux et à demain pour la suite de vos aventures.
Tchao. Jean-Luc, Françoise et Plumes.

the english parents said...

Lets hope that this will be the last of your problems.
Good luck putting it all back together, you were always good at jigsaws Paul.
love Mum and Dad x

les parents said...

Bonne chance et bon courage pour demain au montage de la pièce, qui j'espère va vous propulser vers le prochain pays.
Pour Cédric : embarquement ce matin de notre doudou, très content et plein de projets de visite de la belle ville de Londres. Ce changement d'air va lui faire le plus grand bien.
Il pense à vous.
Plein de pensées de la part des mémés, Gérard et MJ, Véro, Annie etc ...
On vous embrasse
les parents

Anonymous said...

Jacko - repairing those lawnmowers all those years ago must be standing you in good stead! Enjoy the breaks you get inbetween driving (and repairing!!) Bon chance! Papey

Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm on the phone to mum & dad, and mum is giving me instructions on how to send a message - a weird role reversal, if ever there was one! Hope you're ok and that you've got the car fixed - surely all you need is a paperclip????!!!!!!
Take care
Claire xxxxx

Anonymous said...

You guys were always my heroes.
Glad to see you are doing well.

The script for "Brokeback Mountain 2 : Return to Kazakhstan" is now complete and I will ship to you tomorrow.

Expect filming to commence next week :)

Love Gav xxxx