Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Crazy swedes, excellent partying. Car refused to start this morning, required a tow. Send your suggestions for potential bug fix. Thanks!


Tanya said...

How about a stroong cup of coffee??
And next time dont party without the car, it felt left out and decided to turn you down this morning. and in case you are wondering, yes I do speak car language.
Have a safe journey guys!

les parents said...

toujours en panne, si oui, regarder essence, starter , carbu, bon courage, on vous embrasse

Carine said...

What a chance, Stockholm is a so beautiful city (I have lived one year there)!
Your car wants a glass of aquavit :)

Anonymous said...

try putting petrol in the hole marked 'Petrol here ->' ;)

Anonymous said...


1) Whack the engine with a hammer.
2) Reboot the engine
3) Build a new engine.